Start building beautiful forms with Formello.

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Unless other form builder, Formello is integrated in WordPress Gutenbrg editor.


Formello require only 2kb CSS and 6kb JS. Your site speed will not be hurted!

Feature rich

With easily extensible architecture, you can add a lot of funcitionality in a simple way.

Spam protection

Protect your forms from malicious bot using built-in honey pot. You can also add Google ReCaptcha for more robust protection.

Form validation

Formello will ship with validation both frontend and backend, so you can display error message to your users and also be sure that data sent is correct.


Performs action on form submit. You can add multiple actions like newsletter subscription, mail notification, redirect to thank you page and more.

Start collecting leads in less than a minute.

Create better forms

No coding required. Build modern & professional forms with new Gutenberg editor, configure your options, and easily embed forms anywhere on your WordPress website.

Save time

Speed up and simplify your daily workflow by automating complex tasks with Formello Forms powerfull features. Create forms visually and with a lot of options.

Straight to the point

With its seamless integration in Gutenberg editor, it’s very simple to start building form. No shortcode used, no fancy admin page.