Popper is the Formello addon for create popups.

It can also work as a standalone plugin and can be downloaded for free at WordPress.org.

One of the most relevant ways to collect leads is to show a popup to users engaged with your content and ask for an email. With Popper, you can accomplish this task in a very simple way.

In addition to collecting leads, you can also use popups to showcase important messages, increase your followers on social by asking them to follow you to stay up to date or to advertise your latest offer or ebook.

There are several strategies for choosing when to show a popup message.

Currently Popper can show a popup using one of the following strategies:

  • After a certain number of seconds on the page
  • After the user scrolls down the page to a certain percentage
  • When a target element enters the viewport
  • When the user clicks on a button
  • When the user tries to exit the page

One of the most relevant is theexit intent.

Other Features

  • Simple design using the Gutenberg editor
  • Presets to start
  • Lightweight (only 3kb)

Let's look at some examples of popups you can create with Popper.

Open popup on click

As mentioned, you can choose to open a popup when the user clicks on a link or button. This is useful if you want to place an ad offering a promo code, ebook download, or something else.

You can, for example, put this button in the middle or at the end of your most viewed content and ask your users to complete an action.

In the popup you can see that there is also a "no thanks" button that closes the popup.

You should always allow the user to identify an easy way to close popups. Always try to do right by your users.


You can place a popup created with Popper in different positions on the screen.

The main one is in the center. But you can also decide to show posts in other positions, so as not to interrupt the reading of your articles.

What are exit intent popups?

You know when you're browsing a website and, just before you close your browser or click on another page, a popup appears asking for your email address?

You can try it right on this page by trying to click on the browser address bar or just moving the mouse out of the viewport, a nice popup will be displayed.

Common exit intent popup strategies may include:

  • Offer a discount code or coupon
  • Create a free eBook or downloadable guide
  • Encourage visitors to read reviews or watch testimonials
  • Ask visitors to complete a survey or give feedback
  • Direct them to a new offering you are launching
  • Ask visitors to follow you on social networks

You can achieve several goals with the right strategy and a well-designed popup. In most cases the conversion rate of a site is around 3%, with a good popup you can increase your sales from 10% to 50%.

One of the most relevant things here is that when a visitor leaves your site, you have no proof of when they will return, if at all. Taking every opportunity to get visitors to complete an action is something you need to look forward to in order to increase your sales.

Another good strategy is to show popups with special offers to your most engaged visitors. You can choose to show a popup when the user scrolls down your page to a certain percentage.

This means you can show the message to the most interested users, those who have read your content to the end and therefore found it useful.