Increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter by creating beautiful forms with which to collect emails to send to your list Mailchimp directly from WordPress.

Mailchimp is probably the most popular mailing service in the world. Its ease of use, multiple features and the possibility to access a free plan make it the choice for those who want to start building their list, but also for those who want a flexible tool with a more than affordable price.

Inserting a registration form with Mailchimp can be a long and complicated process for those who are not very familiar with inserting javascript code in their blog.

With the Formello addon for Mailchimp you can take advantage of the Mailchimp API to create your newsletter subscription forms quickly and easily, without having to write a single line of code:

  • Create an unlimited number of newsletter subscription forms and place them wherever you like
  • Create a popup With a form to collect emails
  • Collect data for each list
  • Customize your registration form
  • Show a notification message or redirect to a thank you page