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With Pdf Embed you can easily insert a pdf within your pages or posts.

Pdf Embed is a block for Gutenberg, the WordPress editor, and allows you in a few clicks and in a totally visual way to embed a pdf file inside your post.

To do this, all you need to do is get a free API key on the Adobe official website.

Once you have the key, go to the editor and insert the pdf block you find in the inserter marked by the nice icon.

If this is your first time embedding a pdf, you will be shown a text field where you will have to enter your API key. This key will be stored and you will not have to enter it each time.

After entering the key a button will appear from which you can choose a PDF from the media library or upload one.

Select the pdf and you will magically see your file appear perfectly embedded on the page. In the panel on the right you can choose the options for your file. For a complete list of the various options and how they work, you can refer to the Adobe official website.

You can display your PDF in a lightbox on mouse click on a link or button. Create your button and insert text, such as "Download Guide." Add a link to a PDF and you will see a button appear in the block toolbar. Click it to activate the lightbox mode and the PDF.

Fill in the forms

Adobe embed allows you to fill out forms, but to enable this option you must select the mode full window, otherwise the changes will not take effect.

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