What is it?

Formello is a form builder for WordPress.

Provides an easy-to-use Gutenberg block for creating forms directly in the editor in a user-friendly way. You can easily create forms directly on the post or page. No shortcodes( unless you want to use the old editor), no complex interface, and no external dependencies are needed.

Formello can be easily integrated into any theme with minimal effort. Its lightweight CSS (2kb) adds few rules to simply display the form and provide some options (side label, bold label, label position...). Your form will match the theme style, so you don't have to do any configuration.

Formello will provide you with comprehensive server-side and front-end validation, spam protection with Google reCaptcha (invisible v2 and v3) and a honeypot protection.

You can start collecting feedback and leads in less than 5 minutes, storing your data securely and providing easy-to-use notification for your users and you.

Formello is a WordPress plugin that allows you to. create forms within the editor Gutenberg.

Unlike other plugins for generating forms in WordPress, Formello integrates seamlessly within the CMS, allowing you to create forms in a familiar development environment.

No complicated editors and no shortcodes to enter: you can visually create your forms and have an instant preview of your page directly in the Gutenberg editor.


  • you don't need to learn a new editor and get lost in new settings
  • immediate integration
  • ease of use


  • Lightweight
  • flexible
  • customizable

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