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With the extension Conditional fields you can add conditional logic to your forms.

In some cases you may need to show additional fields only when certain conditions occur. This allows you to store only the data you need based on the circumstances.

With this addon you can choose which fields show or hide based on the values of other inputs, or you can also choose to disable some fields(useful for example in the case of submit buttons).

The forms will change dynamically based on the data entered by the user.

You can also add more than one rule and choose whether all or only one must be followed.


A simple example showing the use of the Conditional Fields addon to create forms with dynamic logic. In this case the textarea is shown only if the judgment is negative.

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Available for all fields, this is an example of a text field that appears only if the select value is the desired value.


You can also choose to disable a button or input field based on your choice of another field.

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