• Auto suggest

    Auto suggest

    Improves the user experience of the search form by showing results inline.

  • Calculator


    Adds a field to show the result of a calculation based on the values in your form.

  • Templates


    Create your own collection of form templates to deploy on your sites.

  • Frontend Posting

    Frontend Posting

    Allows you to create a post, page, or other type of post from the frontend.

  • Login


    Adds actions for logging in and user profile management to your forms.

  • File Upload

    File Upload

    Adds an input field to upload files.

  • Web Hooks

    Web Hooks

    Send your form data to any external service through HTTP requests using GET or POST methods.

  • Exporter


    With this extension you can export all the data sent to the form to an xlsx file that can be opened in Excel or a csv.

  • Conditional Fields

    Conditional Fields

    The Conditional Fields extension allows you to show or hide a field based on rules.

  • Inserter


    Automatically insert a form at the end or within a post automatically. You can add rules and exclusions based on categories and tags.